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Being adopted I don't have much information about my genetics but what I do know for sure is that I was born an artist. I can't help it!

Here is a quote from my closest childhood friends who has always lovingly called me a weirdo. "For Terri there are no unchartered waters. I've always felt like she's been there before so with that her creativity explodes!"  


I was blessed to grow up on a farm where my parents always encouraged me to respect all living things and enjoy the beauty around me.  My mother was strict with 3 kids to raise and a farm to manage, but she had to be. Perhaps that is probably why I love a good challenge and I am always looking for a solution to the unanswered question. My father was a quiet hard working soul who always told me I had talent.  


I'm a self-taught artist for the most part.  I attended one drawing class in high school.  As an adult I attended cosmetology school and was a manicurist for 20+  yrs. Somewhere in between I attended "The National Neon Institute" learning how to make bend glass and use high voltage to make neon signs/art.  Focus and patience was key.


This is one of the reasons why I have become obsessed with this medium of alcohol ink.  Focus and patience once again. I find passion in the process. Losing myself in the beauty of the colors…I find myself trying to control the uncontrollable which is challenging at every turn. There are no mistakes just a new opportunities unfolding!  I'm an artist.  I can't help it.

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